Local History Collected by Festival Organisers


In the run up to Defend Fife this year, the event organisers Forth Pilgrim were asked by a Rosyth group if they could do a talk about Fife during WW2 for the retired ladies who meet there.

Forth Pilgrim director, Roger Pickering, said: ”After a very short talk I passed out the different trays from a WW2 handing box for them to examine and chat about at each table.

“One lady said her father was a Polish soldier who was part of the force defending Fife. Another remembered the Polish Army based on Aberdour Golf Club & the flower beds they cultivated (while guarding the coast).

“Another lady and her family visited a Norwegian submarine, one of two in Burntisland docks at the time! She said it was very cramped & dark. I knew Norwegian subs were coming into Rosyth & Dundee but Burntisland was a surprise.

“A third lady was a gold mine of information: Dad was a railway worker & in the Home Guard. They lived in Saline. In 1939 her dad was walking home after working in Dalmeny Station. While he was crossing the Forth Rail Bridge on foot the ‘Raid on the Forth’ started.

“Being rather deaf he didn’t notice the machine gun bullets ricocheting off the bridge! His workmates were shouting at him to run, eventually they got his attention & he ran the rest of the way back to Fife without getting shot! She also remembered stray Barrage Balloons damaging a farm building in Saline.”

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and Roger and the team hope to go back again soon.